[Flourish Focus] A One-on-One with Dinie Co-Founders

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Envisioning a Future Where Banking is Invisible

Flourish’s Diana Narvaez talks with Dinie founders Suzy Ferreira and Andrea Burattini about the backbone of the Brazilian economy—SMBs.  Despite their relevance, SMBs are grossly under-banked and have limited access to funding.

Learn how:

  • A female-led and founded Brazilian startup is creating impact in real people’s lives with its Lending as a Service infrastructure.
  • After 3 years, Dinie is now working with more than 10 partners - some of the largest platforms in the region that serve millions of SMBs.
  • To build a mission driven, human-centric company that can  create a fairer financial system that changes lives.

Flourish Focus features 1:1 exchanges with fintech innovators around the world.

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