Disrupt Africa: Meet the Investor: Arjuna Costa, Flourish

Disrupt Africa: Meet the Investor: Arjuna Costa, Flourish

Flourish managing partner Arjuna Costa sat down with Disrupt Africa to share about his journey – from his career on Wall Street, to starting funding microfinance organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, and now co-managing Flourish with a primary focus on venture investing across emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

“I found that I could bring a unique perspective to investing, with my deep understanding of consumer challenges and their complex relationships to money, as well as the structural and economic challenges for banks to serve the mass market,” Costa said.

“At the start of this decade, it was clear that something was changing with the early green shoots from M-Pesa and other signals from the growth of mobile across emerging markets. Additionally, the economics of scaling a mass market business were being dramatically altered by social, mobile, big data analytics, and cloud computing, alongside a new generation of entrepreneurs using tech to solve social problems. That was just the beginning of the fintech trend.”

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