LendIt 2019 conference dives into underserved US Hispanic markets, the bank account of the future, and more

LendIt 2019 conference dives into underserved US Hispanic markets, the bank account of the future, and more

Emmalyn Shaw, Flourish managing partner and investment lead for the US, joined fintech and other financial services experts at the LendIt conference held in San Francisco earlier this month. Shaw moderated the panel “U.S. Hispanic Market: Growing Fast and Grossly Underserved,” and representatives of Flourish portfolio companies participated several other immersive sessions covering topics such as the latests advances in financial regulation, digital banking in the future, and alternative data for credit assessment, among others.

By 2060, it’s projected that 1 in every 3 individuals living in the United States will identify as Hispanic American—yet, while growing rapidly, the market is still extremely undeserved when it comes to financial services. This segment represents $1.3 trillion of spend, and is projected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020. This panel discussion dives into how fintech innovations can work to change services available to help empower the hispanic community to prosper—and, how we can better serve them.

Weren’t able to attend the LendIt conference? Listen and learn from Emmalyn Shaw’s panel and more discussions below featuring some of our partners.

U.S. Hispanic Market: Growing Fast and Grossly Underserved [Listen Here]

Moderated by Flourish Managing Partner, Emmalyn Shaw. Panelists: Sean Salas of Camino Financial, Daniel Chu of Tricolor Auto Group, Matt Jenkins of Oportun, James Gutierrez of Aura

Regtech: How it Can Impact the Bottom Line and Help Fintechs? [Listen Here]

Moderated by FinRegLab’s Melissa Koide. Panelists: Joe Robinson of Hummingbird, Steve Heckard of ProBank, Austin Douglas Merrill of ZestFinance, Karl Falk of BotDoc and Jim Hilton of Promontory.

Digital Banking in Mexico [Listen Here]

Moderator: Christine Chang, Finnovista. Panelists: Ángel Sahagún of Albo, Matin Tamizi of Cuenca, Mike Packe of QED Investors, Vicente Fenol of Kubo.

What will the Bank Account of the Future Look Like? [Listen Here]

Moderator: Gys Hyman, Deloitte
Panelists: Andrei Cherney of Aspiration, Deep Varma of Varo, Jim Joyce of FinXact, Nicolas Kopp of N26.