Money20/20: Flourish Ventures Team and Partners to Participate in Fintech-Focused Events in Las Vegas

Money20/20: Flourish Ventures Team and Partners to Participate in Fintech-Focused Events in Las Vegas

Flourish is excited to be part of 2019’s Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas, taking place on October 27th through October 30th!

Managing partner Emmalyn Shaw will be featured as one of the judges at Money20/20’s Startup Pitch, bringing together compelling startups in fintech for a startup challenge! At least year’s Startup Pitch, Flourish portfolio company Steady won the challenge with founder Adam Roseman at the helm – this year, he’ll be welcomed as a judge.

We’re looking forward to joining fintech leaders from our partners Hummingbird, Chime, FinRegLab, Steady, and Aspiration who are speaking at the conference.

Below, find a detailed list of events and speaking engagements from our portfolio company executives and Flourish team members. We hope to see you at this year’s conference!

Startup Pitch at Money 20/20

  • Description: Startup Pitch at Money20/20 is the Fintech ecosystem’s most exclusive startup challenge, bringing together compelling startups in AI, wealth management, biometrics, payments and more! Plus – Adam Roseman, founder of 2018’s Startup Pitch winner Steady, will be joined by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal on the keynote stage.
  • How Does it Work?
    • 20 elite startups will pitch their company in just 3 minutes followed by 4 minutes of questions from our panel of judges
    • Our judges will select 2 of these innovators to move on to the one-on-one Startup Pitch Finals on the main stage.
    • They’ll pitch off again and our audience will ultimately select the $25,000 Grand Prize Winner.
  • Date: Monday, October 28th
  • Location: Keynote Stage at The Venetian
  • Judges:
    • Emmalyn Shaw, Flourish Ventures
    • Adam Roseman, Steady
    • Lynn Eisanhart, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Ryan Falvey, Financial Venture Studio
    • Melissa Frakman, EMVC
    • Jeffrey Gapusan, PrimeRevenue
    • Natalie Hwang, Simon Ventures
    • Rebeca Lynn, Canvas Ventures
    • Josh McFarland, Greylock
    • Sheel Mohnot, 500 Startups
    • Saved S. Rose, Gust / Rose Tech Ventures
    • Travis Skelly, Citi Ventures
    • Jillian Williams, Anthemis Group

Speaking Events: Flourish Partners Participating in Money 20/20 Sessions 

  • Jo Ann Barefoot / Hummingbird Regtech  
    • Hummingbird is a tech platform for combating money laundering and streamlining financial crime investigations. Read moreabout Flourish’s investment.
    • Session #1: Can We Build a Golden Age for Financial Consumers?
      • Date: Sunday, October 27, 2019
      • Time: 5-5:20 pm PT
      • Location: Inspiration Peak Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: New technology holds the promise of a golden age for financial consumers as innovation makes services less expensive, more accessible, more fair and transparent, and easier to use. On the flip side, though, today’s technology does have the potential to hurt people. In this fireside chat we hear from the single most consequential US leader shaping the road ahead for consumer financial innovation. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Kathy Kraninger will share her insights on the opportunities and challenges facing both innovators and regulators.
    • Session #2: Meetup: Regulation Conversation
      • Date: Monday, October 28, 2019
      • Time: 11-11:40 am PT
      • Location: The Garden, Expo Hall, The Venetian
      • Session Description: For those looking to engage directly with regulators, this facilitated networking opportunity will bring your best chance to engage informally with leading regulators from around the world – including OCC treasury regulators and a wide range of other associations. Come ready to discuss the challenges of a shifting regulatory landscape, the new opportunities for Regtech, and gain advice on your largest regulatory or compliance challenges.
    • Session #3: Opening Remarks: Regulation & RegTech
      • Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
      • Time: 11:55-12:00 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
    • Session #4: Agile Regulation
      • Date: Tuesday October 29, 2019
      • Time: 1:55-2:30 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: Financial innovation requires regulatory innovation, both to enable change and to contain risks. As regulators reach for new ways to keep pace with the fast-changing products and markets they oversee, a growing band of agencies is forging the way. They are cultivating rapid learning, deepened collaboration, nimble decision making, agile workflows, depth in data science, and safe ways to test novel ideas. In this session, federal and state leaders share insights on how to modernize regulatory systems for the digital age, and offer practical advice on how financial firms can stay ahead of rising regulatory risks.
    • Session #5: Better, Faster, Cheaper — Revolutionizing Financial Regulation and Compliance
      • Date: Tuesday October 29, 2019
      • Time: 1:30-1:45 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: The same technology that is remaking every facet of life of our lives — from clones to drones to driver-less vehicles — is transforming financial regulation too. Regulatory information is moving from paper-based systems into accessible, digital forms. AI is helping human experts find and analyze its patterns. Cloud computing is making compliance innovation cheap and easy. New encryption techniques are protecting data. Processes are becoming agile. Design is becoming human-centered. Regulators are tagging rules so that machines can read them. Regulators are even running hackathons. The old, stuck trade-off that pitted spending against quality is melting away as digitization makes regulation better, faster and cheaper, just like it does with everything else. This session kicks off the regulatory track by scouting the terrain ahead for digitally-native regulation and compliance.
    • Session #6: Closing Remarks: Regulation & RegTech
      • Date: Tuesday October 29, 2019
      • Time: 3:55-4:00 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
  • Matthew Van Buskirk / Hummingbird Regtech [Regtech & Infrastructure] 
    • Hummingbird is a tech platform for combating money laundering and streamlining financial crime investigations. Read moreabout Flourish’s investment.
    • Session: The Sprint to RegTech Innovation
      • Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
      • Time: 3:35-3:55 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: Who says regulation has to be old, slow and wasteful? Regulation is digitizing too, getting better, faster, and cheaper. Today’s new regtech tools never lived on paper – they are built from scratch with powerful data and analytics. Machines can read and even execute rules, reporting can move to real-time, low-cost AI can catch financial crime, and improvement can be continuous. The UK Financial Conduct Authority is pushing the envelope in all of these areas by convening cross-functional “tech sprints” that bring the best minds from industry, academia, tech, and the regulatory world together to work on common challenges. The latest sprints dove deep into modernizing AML to enable real-time collaboration across borders. They provide glimmers of a more collaborative, more agile, and more effective future. What are the implications of this work for the future of the fintech world? What can you do now to take advantage of the sea change that is underway? What does this mean for your ability to launch newer and better products? Are we moving towards a more effective and cheaper system? We will explore all of these questions and more.
  • Chris Britt / Chime [Challenger Bank] 
    • Chimeis a leading mobile banking app that helps people automate their finances, avoid fees, and lead healthier financial lives.
    • Session: Battle Over Billions: The Next Generation of Digital Banks
      • Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
      • Time: 4:05-4:50 pm PT
      • Location: Inspiration Peak Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: Just 10 years after the launch of the first US digital consumer bank, investment in the neobank space at large continues to rise along with a favorable shift in the banking landscape. As a result, massive opportunities are being created for domestic startups and EU players alike. In a unique keynote panel discussion, the founders of Chime, Varo, Grasshopper and N26 will debate why there is a need to create an alternative to traditional banks, the importance of customer experience, and how regulation and the advantage of acquiring a banking license has on the potential to be a gamechanger – making for great discourse in Vegas.
  • Melissa Alvarado / Chime [Challenger Bank] 
    • Chimeis a leading mobile banking app that helps people automate their finances, avoid fees, and lead healthier financial lives.
    • Session: Trends Day: Consumer Trends in a New Age of Digital Brand Building
      • Date: Monday, October 28, 2019
      • Time: 3:05-4:05 pm PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: Start-up, big bank, tech platform, whatever label you give your business, new products and new services mean you need a brand that resonates with your potential consumer. Over two insightful sessions, the world’s leading trend forecaster WGSN will introduce you to your future consumer, divulge what makes them think, behave and spend, and show you how to build your brand in our digital world.
  • Andrei Cherny / Aspiration [Challenger Bank] 
    • Aspirationoffers a “pay-what-is-fair” transaction account and sustainable investing that help people bank in line with their values.
    • Session: Baby, it’s Hot Outside: Investing in Climate Change
      • Date: Money, October 28, 2019
      • Time: 3:40-4:05 pm PT
      • Location: Tech Tonic Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: U.S. consumers spend $36 billion a day, giving them tremendous financial power. Climate change is an emerging crisis of unparalleled proportions. Given that consumers want to spend money on brands that match their values, Americans can have an impact on the planet by utilizing eco-friendly and socially conscious banks. Join us to find out how fintech can enable a win/win of conscientious investing, community building and financial gains.
  • Melissa Koide / FinRegLab [Ecosystem Building]
    • FinRegLabtests new technologies and the safe and smart use of data in financial services in the US.
    • Session: Who Are You?: The Future of Digital ID
      • Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2019
      • Time: 11:35-11:55 am PT
      • Location: Revolution Rock Stage, The Venetian
      • Session Description: Knowing whom you’re dealing with is at the core of trust in financial transactions. But the amount of personal information we expose to identify ourselves should be appropriate for the transaction at hand. In this electronic age, with individual’s data treated as a commodity, we need a fundamental change in how we control use and distribution of our personal information. And that control traces back to our ability to control our digital identity. Hear from experts at the forefront of digital ID and responsible use of personal data for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of identity and control.

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