People Digest: Flourish Ventures ropes in execs for Asia [Dealstreet Asia]

People Digest: Flourish Ventures ropes in execs for Asia [Dealstreet Asia]

Originally posted on Dealstreet Asia

By Tabita Diela

Venture capital firm Flourish Ventures has roped in executives at a senior level as they look to expand their operation.

Flourish Ventures welcomes two Asia talents

Venture capital Flourish Ventures has roped in a few executives at the senior level to provide its founders the required support at a time when the firm looks to grow its global investment team in Asia and South America.

According to a statement on Friday, Flourish has hired Singapore-based Dadafish founder Su Fen Goh as its investment associate and Delhi-based Pranav Mittal as a senior investment analyst.

“As the global level of fintech entrepreneurship continues to accelerate and our geographic footprint grows, our newest team members will bolster our focus to cross-pollinate the best business and product ideas we see across the world and bring that knowledge to our portfolio
companies,” said Flourish managing partner Tilman Ehrbeck said in a statement.

Goh and Mittal will both support Flourish’s portfolio investments in their respective regions. Previously, Goh was an entrepreneur-in-residence for San Francisco-based incubator HVF Labs, while Mittal worked for Bain&Company where he led transactions and business turnaround cases.

Flourish also hired Sao Paulo-based investment associate Diana Narváez and Washington DC-based senior investment analyst Dapo Ogunfeitimi.

Flourish, whose assets under management reached $500 million, has 70 fintech companies within its portfolio, including M2P and Aquaconnect in India, ShopUp in Bangladesh, Brick in Indonesia, and Grab Financial in Singapore.