Why We Invested in SeedFi

By Emmalyn Shaw In the United States, there are more than 100 million low- to middle-income citizens who wish to build credit...

The 7 Largest NYC Tech Startup Funding Rounds of January 2022 [AlleyWatch]

Armed with some data from our friends at CrunchBase, I broke down the largest NYC Startup funding rounds in New York for January 2022. I have included some additional information such as industry, description, round type, total equity funding raised to further the analysis for the state of venture capital in NYC.

Flourish Focus: Thought Leader Spotlight – ShopUp

October 10, 2020
We have remained inspired by ShopUp's vision for a more inclusive financial system that begins with providing SMEs access to the formal financial sector. Smita Aggarwal sits down with Afeef Zaman, Co-founder and CEO of ShopUp, to tell his founder story.