Pocket Einstein: Managing Your Finances in the 21st Century [HuffPost]

Financial services are central to people's lives. They are needed to better manage day-to-day affairs, and they are crucial to protect from downside risks and to capture long-term opportunities. Traditional financial services have left too many working families behind.

Why Is Financial Inclusion so High on the Development Agenda? [HuffPost]

In the sustainable development priorities for the next 15 years adopted by heads of states in New York this week, the United Nations has highlighted financial inclusion as an important enabler for poorer households in the informal economies of the global south to increase resilience and better capture opportunities.

Forbes: When Mission and Margins Meet, the Market Celebrates

Financial Health Network's Jennifer Tescher shares how venture capitalists and tech founders are beginning to realize that being able to make money may be a more important indicator of success than stratospheric growth.