Finding India’s next fintech unicorn [Express Computer]

Early stage fintech investors looking for the next PayTM need to focus on four key factors – Seasoned founders, proven monetization, a real ‘moat’ around the product and a full technology stack are key considerations.

For FinTechs, Outcomes ‘The One Thing’ to Focus on in 2022 []

Many people are in a better financial position than before the pandemic.

At least by some metrics.

They’ve paid down debt. Perhaps they’ve padded their savings cushions with funding from the waves of stimulus payments. And yet the pressures of daily life remain.

Top Ten 2022 Fintech Predictions [Forbes]

2021 was a transformative year for fintech. What felt like a corner of the technology industry a decade ago, is today the largest funded category globally: fintech received over $130b in capital representing 20% of all capital invested in 2021.