Why we invested: Aquaconnect

 By Anuradha Ramachandran and Harsh Gupta Mobile adoption is on the rise among India’s fish and shrimp farmers. With half a billion...

Look for Adjacencies and Be Ready to Pivot [Asia Tech Podcast]

Smita Aggarwal Talks Embedded Finance in Frontier Markets
When Flourish Global Investments Advisor Smita Aggarwal began her career, building the first rural lending business and digital channels for a major Indian bank, “the concept of using technology for inclusion was ahead of its time.”

How a cashless Africa strengthen the economy of the continent [THISDAY]

The dream of a completely cashless Africa, where a Kenyan can trade easily with a Zambian despite the countries having different currencies and being in different economic zones, was a far-fetched reality less than a quarter of a century ago, and it was definitely a time most Africans were only familiar with via the media they consumed showing depictions of cashless transactions in more developed regions and economies.

Breaking New Ground in FinTech

Using the right combination of financial health-focused products and services some FinTech products are helping US households to get better off.

Flourish Embedded Finance: Plumbing

July 14, 2021
With the pandemic and economic lockdowns, people around the world adopted new habits - work from home, online shopping and online banking. The trend of introducing traditional financial services—such as online payments and online credit—into apps that consumers use daily took off.

Flourish Embedded Finance: Platforms

May 19, 2021
The first event in Flourish Ventures’ Embedded Finance series tackles the embedded finance platforms including gig worker, logistics, social media, and supply chain platforms that are relevant and immediately helpful to people in their daily lives.

Flourish Focus: TaniHub Group

April 29, 2021
Don’t miss this engaging conversation between Flourish Investor Smita Aggarwal and Co-founder and CEO Pamitra Wineka of TaniHub Group, a rising agritech startup based in Jakarta, as they sit down to discuss how TaniHub emerged from a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic stronger and poised for growth.