[Flourish Conversations] The Corner Shop Isn't Dead: How Fintech and Embedded Finance Are Giving Them Extra Power

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New research shows the corner shop is here to stay and poised to go digital. A $900B+ industry worldwide, fintechs are now serving corner shops across the retail value chain, developing low-cost, easy-to-use, online tools for sourcing, logistics, business management, sales, and financial services.

Flourish Managing Partner, Arjuna Costa sits down with four co-founders of fintechs focused on digitizing corner shops around the world—ApnaKlub in India, MaxAB in Egypt, Merce in Brazil, and ShopUp in Bangladesh. Learn about:

  • Why 94% of consumers plan to use their local corner shop
  • How entrepreneurs can gain merchants’ trust and help them adopt technology
  • The role of embedded finance and the future of the cornershop

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