“Almost all venture-backed tech founders are dealing with high stress levels, loneliness, and the potential for burnout. – Inc.Africa

Ameya Upadhyay, Venture Partner and Lisa Mikkelsen, Head of Global Human Capital
[The Financial Revolutionist] Can VCs and founders hustle more responsibly?
By Emmalyn Shaw and Lisa Mikkelsen, Flourish Ventures After two trying years of market over-correction, many fintech founders—even those who built profitable, impactful companies—are nearing a personal breaking point. According to a 2024 survey by...
[Scaling Impact Capital Podcast] Tilman Ehrbeck on What it Means to be a VC with Purpose
When it comes to improving financial services delivery and outcomes, Flourish believes the key is being soft-hearted but hard-headed. On this podcast, Tilman Ehrbeck discusses the importance of seeking financial health instead of just access...
media and money
How Mission-Driven Film Directors, Social Media Influencers, and Other Creatives Are Shaping the Narrative for a Fair Financial System
We launched Flourish five years ago with a venture capital business model focused on improving the financial system so it works better for households and small businesses. The majority of our work involves investing in...
[] Ameya Upadhyay interview: Tough times don't last—tough startups do
In 2023, funding into African startups amounted to $2 billion, representing a 43% decline compared to the $3.3 billion raised in 2022. In an era marked by unprecedented challenges, the landscape on which startups and...
The Future of Trust and Transparency in Finance 
Flourish invests in Bluprynt Financial disclosures are vital for transparency, trust, and fairness in the financial system. Clear disclosures help consumers navigate complex financial products. In the U.S., the concept of financial disclosure became prominent...
Opinion: Successful startups are led by healthy founders
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re launching the Flourishing Founders section on our site. At Flourish, we want founders to thrive, along with their companies. The page collects resources for company leaders and...
founder wellbeing
Brex Co-CEO Reports Burnout and Sparks Debate: What About Founder Mental Health?
Leading a startup to success is a great responsibility. Once the challenge of launching a great idea into the market is overcome, founders start to deal with the common setbacks of running a company, usually...
[AVCJ] Flourish Ventures Adds Head of Asia, Plots Ramp-up
Flourish Ventures has named Ravi Kaushik, previously of India’s WaterBridge Ventures, as its Singapore-based regional head. The hire represents a the firm's refocus on Asia for Flourish after a two-year slowdown in activity related to...
founder wellness
[Harvard Business Review] How to Become a More Empathetic Listener
When the subject of how to be a good listener comes up, psychologists often talk about the value of “perspective-taking” — that is, projecting ourselves into the lives of those we’re listening to.
Fatin Tariq On Managing Anxiety as a Founder in an Emerging Market
About the Episode In this episode of the NAKED podcast, our hosts Nektarios, Vladimira, and our guest, Fatin, explore the anxiety Fatin faced whilst she was building her first business. The discussion centres on the...
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