[Flourish Conversations] Infrastructure Leaders Driving Real Economic Value and Impact

FV Conversations Infrastructure Updated

Fintech infrastructure is heating up and several trajectories are emerging at this time. Where is it most primed for disruption? What is the positive ROI for the customer? Managing Partner Emmalyn Shaw sits down with leading fintech founders from Alloy, Clerkie, Skipify and Unit to discuss:

  • Why the core and the processor need to be re-imagined in order to deliver next-gen compliance.
  • Incremental improvements vs. a truly different vision of infrastructure.
  • How infrastructure unlocks innovation, positive outcomes and real-world examples, such as:
    • improved speed to market
    • new types of monetization and products
    • verification of more legit customers (KYC, KYB)
    • streamlined onboarding & account opening process)

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