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The rise of digital financial infrastructure in LATAM

Throughout LATAM, countries are realizing the potential of pairing the power of public and private digital infrastructure. This fusion is ushering in a new era of innovative financial products and services throughout LATAM and accelerating financial inclusion.

Flourish investor Diana Narvaez discusses the rise of digital financial infrastructure in LATAM—including Pix, RTP and Open Finance—along with Bruno Diniz, Co-Founder of Spiralem and Cuatrecasas Senior Associate, Camila Orrego.

In this special conversation, they’ll discuss:

  • The crucial role of proactive regulators in propelling fintech progress.
  • How LATAM nations can learn, inspire, and support one another, fostering a more cohesive and robust fintech ecosystem.
  • Advice for investors and founders  looking to disrupt the current financial systems in LATAM.

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