[Flourish Conversations] Women Entrepreneurship in India - What Does it Take to Succeed?

Flourish Conversations: Frank discussions with fintech leaders and ecosystem partners on what it takes to build financial health and a more equitable global economy

In this lively, informative and timely discussion, investment director Anuradha delves deep with four successful women entrepreneurs to discover what’s working, what’s not in creating a vibrant ecosystem for women entrepreneurs in India.

Listen in on what Deena Jacob of Open Financial Technologies, Priya Sharma of ZestMoney, Shruti Shruti of ApnaKlub and Shinjini Kumar of SALT have to say about:

  • Is this the best time for women entrepreneurs in India and how are they being perceived?
  • Is the rise of women-focused funds and women entrepreneurs enough?
  • How do you encourage young women to pursue engineering and/or become non-STEM entrepreneurs?
  • With more women leaving the workforce, how can you help them manage demands at home while at the same time, show they’ve got options in life and work choices?

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