[Flourish Focus] How Are Insurtechs Helping Carriers & Reinsurers Embrace Innovation

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Insurance is at a crossroads. Many carriers and reinsurance companies are pulling back from innovation, spurred by profitability concerns about the first wave of insurtechs. At the same time, there’s an evolving risk landscape that requires innovation to profitably cover risks that are emerging from increasing rates of weather events, wildfires and new emerging technologies. How do you promote innovation in a global reinsurance market that had more than $500B in premiums last year?

Join Flourish Venture Partner Sarah Morgenstern as she sits down with Jules Muir, CEO of Vellum, an analytics and data management platform for the insurance and reinsurance industry, to discuss

  • The challenge of bringing innovation to an age-old industry with archaic infrastructures
  • How data transparency can revolutionize how carriers and reinsurers interact
  • Vellum’s founder story and what’s next for the insurtech that just closed a $7M seed round

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