[CXOtoday] 4 Agritech startups are innovating to help farmers increase productivity and yield

Agriculture is gradually evolving into the next high-tech industry. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technologies are being used to improve crop yields, supply chains, and sustainability. According to a 2019 NASSCOM report, India has over 450 agritech startups that are growing at a rate of 25% year on year. These firms are increasingly empowering 150 million farmers with data-driven systems. These Indian agritech startups are increasing farmer income and making agriculture more profitable. Let’s take a peek at 4 agritech startups that are helping farmers with the increase in productivity.

Aquaconnect – Founded by Rajamanohar Somasundaram, Aquaconnect is a full-stack aquaculture platform with embedded fintech that uses Satellite remote sensing and Artificial Intelligence to enable aquaculture farmers, retailers, and seafood buyers increase access to formal credit, farm inputs and post-harvest markets. Their unique tech solutions supercharge the entire aquaculture value chain and help build predictability and transparency into the value chain thereby making it efficient. Aquaconnect is funded by HATCH-Norway, India’s pioneer Agritech VC Omnivore, Japan’s Rebright Partners, Flourish ventures, AgFunder, 6G Capital, Trifecta Capital and Lok Capital.

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