[Hindu Businessline] Men in veshti – leaders responsible for M2P Fintech’s rise to fame

How five back-to-back deals put them in the spotlight

It was very easy to spot R Madhusudanan, A Muthukumar and R Prabhu, founders of M2P Fintech, in the crowded two-floored Jio World Center, which hosted Global Fintech Fest last year.

They were the only veshti-clad men. But it was almost impossible to get their time in the near week-long gala as they were constantly mobbed either by idea pitchers, journalists or fellow fintech honchos.

Attire apart, they were rightly the men of the hour. Five back-to-back deals even amid the onset of ‘funding winter’ and, more importantly, carving out a niche in a fast-crowding fintech space, put them in the spotlight.

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