Mint: Fintech touching millions of lives by redefining financial services

On this opinion piece published at Mint, our very own Smita Aggarwal talks about how fintech in India is growing to reach many underserved (yet, economically viable) customers for the better, and changing financial services for millions.

"India is witnessing a huge digitization upsurge. Internet and smartphone users are on the rise along with increasing digital transactions and a fast-growing fintech ecosystem. This digital evolution is that it includes not just the affluent, literate, urban population, but a wide spectrum of consumers from across geographical, social and economic backgrounds," Aggarwal writes.

"There is no shortage of examples of how fintech is touching millions of lives around us, whether it is about facilitating everyday small payments like paying a phone bill or getting that first loan, or starting a small-ticket mutual fund investment to fulfill life goals," she adds.

Read the full article here.

(For more insights from Smita Aggarwal, follow her on Twitter.)

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