[Ozy.com] He's Banking the Unbanked in Nigeria and Beyond

Paga's CEO and Founder, Tayo Oviosu, is featured in this article in the rising star section of Ozy.com. In 2009, Tayo Oviosu returned from the US to Nigeria, with the desire to start a company with a big idea.

“I knew that whatever I wanted to do had to pass the big idea test.” For Tayo Oviosu, 39, that big idea was Paga, now the largest distribution network for financial services in Nigeria, reaching more than 6 million people.

For Oviosu, the premise behind his company is simple: “We’re not trying to replace the bank; our goal is to help make it easier for people to get paid. We are building a payments and digital bank, and our vision is Pan-African, but Nigeria is the first point. We want to bank the unbanked in Nigeria.”

Read the full article on Ozy.com here.

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