Flourish Focus: Alloy

Flourish Focus: Alloy

June 2, 2022

Need help building a culture within a high-growth fintech startup? Listen in on the conversation with Alloy’s VP of People, Kim Nguyen, as she talks about how to build an authentic culture, attract top talent, and support employees in today’s hybrid work environment. Alloy, with its identity-decisioning platform that helps banks and fintechs quickly and easily onboard customers, was recently named one of the best startup employers by Forbes Magazine.

In this Flourish Focus, Kim sits down with Lisa Mikkelsen, our own Head of Global Human Capital, and breaks down how to:

  • Attract talent during the Great Resignation
  • Set values and intentionally build a team and culture
  • Maintain culture during hypergrowth
  • Cultivate an environment that builds trust

Watch below for this engaging 20-minute discussion and learn what it takes to build connectivity and transition to a hybrid work model.

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