Flourish Focus: Mercê do Bairro

Flourish Focus: Mercê do Bairro

December 9th | 9:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM Brazil

Find out how Brazil’s fintech start up Mercê do Bairro recently raised a $10 million Series A round with a vision to deliver an embedded finance platform that empowers small business owners.

Repeat founders Diego Libanio and Guilherme Bonifácio’s, who also co-founded Zé Delivery and iFood, got together to “create a revolution in the proximity market” and  give neighborhood corner stores the same benefits as the bigger traditional players.

Join Managing Partner Arjuna Costa for a discussion with Mercê’s passionate cofounders to learn how:

  • Mercê’s business model, widely used in other countries like China, can transform the informal retail sector in Brazil
  • They seamlessly integrated financial products such as credit and payments as part of a holistic, vertical embedded finance solution
  • The impact on the financial success of their partner retailers
  • The data, insights and valuable channel they’ve created to reach informal retailers


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