Kabir Kumar


While we have made tremendous progress as humans, the world simply does not work the same way for all of us. Actually, for some of us, it does not work at all. I feel fortunate that my work at Flourish offers me an opportunity to make things just a bit easier for as many of us as possible.

Kabir is driven to back early-stage entrepreneurs who want to fundamentally transform the financial sector and improve people’s economic outlook. At Flourish, he leads global policy and ecosystem building efforts, makes investments in the US and emerging markets, and incubates new areas of work.

Previously, at Omidyar Network, Kabir developed a portfolio of investments in regtech and banking technology, backed startups in frontier markets in South Asia, and deepened the firm’s policy and ecosystem networks globally. He came to Omidyar Network with a deep background in emerging markets. He cofounded a program at CGAP and the World Bank that laid the foundations of digital financial services in emerging markets. He worked in more than 15 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. He was also based in India, where he served as an advisor to the Indian government and as a collaborator on a number of efforts to develop a new digital, public-good infrastructure in that country.

He is a graduate of the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. In addition to Flourish, Kabir continues to advise Omidyar Network’s initiatives and India’s iSpirt Foundation.

Kabir grew up in Mumbai, India, and current lives outside Washington DC with his wife and two children.