Stella Klemperer

Stella Klemperer is the Director of Strategy & Insights at Flourish. Since the firm's launch in 2019, she has led Flourish’s sector-impact strategy, including identifying and evaluating firm-wide priorities. Stella also spearheads the firm’s learning agenda, publishing primary research in partnership with Flourish’s investment team and portfolio leaders.

Stella brings more than 15 years of experience in strategy and social finance. Prior to Flourish, she worked at Omidyar Network, focusing on the future of work and financial inclusion. She also worked at McKinsey & Company and Root Capital, a global agricultural impact investor. Stella began her career working with smallholder farmers in South America.

Stella holds an MBA degree with distinction from Cornell University and a BA degree in Economics from Brown University.


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New Flourish Research Finds Brazilian Gig Workers Under Pressure Since COVID-19.
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