Who We Are

About Us

We are a venture firm investing in entrepreneurs whose innovations help people achieve financial health and prosperity. As an evergreen fund, we deploy patient capital with a long-term perspective.

Our global team is growing the portfolio we built within Omidyar Network over the last decade. At Flourish, we will continue to back bold ideas and new business models that responsibly harness the power of technology to build a fair and customer-centric financial sector.

We are excited to partner with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators in policy and regulation to shape a more inclusive global economy.

Our Values

  • Compassion

    We are driven to help solve the financial problems that people face everyday. We try to get proximate to the challenges we wish to solve, and approach our work with empathy, warmth, and optimism.
  • Integrity

    We strive to be honest, accountable, consistent and authentic in every interaction. We hold true to these principles in the face of adversity and we expect the same of our partners and entrepreneurs.
  • Humility

    We seek impact on a global scale and recognize that we cannot achieve our mission alone. We learn the most from our entrepreneurs and their customers.
  • Pioneering Spirit

    We recognize that the problems we seek to address are complex and systemic, and require creative and non-conventional solutions. We push ourselves to back the most radical ideas from entrepreneurs, thought leaders, policy makers, and influencers in the pursuit of a better future.

Our Commitment

We built Flourish to help create financial fairness and opportunity for all. We stand against racial injustice that has plagued America and other societies for a very long time. As a team, we stand in solidarity with our portfolio companies, ecosystem partners, and all communities across the country in demanding an end to racial injustice.


Sector Expertise & Investment Themes

At Flourish, we combine our global view with a deep understanding of industry dynamics and customer segments, helping our entrepreneurs align their products and services with people’s needs and aspirations. Flourish’s investment themes include:

Challenger Banks

Reimagining traditional banking with new mobile-first, digital-only experiences

Consumer & SME Lending

Providing new ways to obtain credit and unlock economic potential

Data & Analytics

Enabling the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to quantify risk and personalize finance

Debt Management / Personal Finance

Developing new tools for consumers to take control of their complex financial lives

Digitizing Money

Moving from an inefficient cash-only economy to a seamless, digital payments world

Ecosystem Building

Providing grants to partners that are thought leaders in financial health to strengthen the ecosystem


Expanding insurance for consumers and small businesses to build resilience

Regtech & Infrastructure

Building the foundations of a new financial ecosystem

In addition to our venture investments, we strengthen the ecosystem by selectively providing grants to a network of partners that are thought leaders in financial health, as well as to forward-thinking regulators and policymakers across the globe.

Portfolio Services

We have built a team of dedicated, global specialists that offer a breadth of services that meet the critical demands of high-growth technology companies. At Flourish, we partner our entrepreneurs with experts in:

Data Science, Fraud & Risk
Finance & Operations
Human Capital
Marketing & PR
Product Management

Funding & Governance

Our vision is informed by the experiences of our funder, Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. A tech entrepreneur himself, Pierre has always believed in individual empowerment, connecting people, and trust as a basis of shared success.

Pierre and Pam Omidyar support a wide variety of philanthropic and commercial efforts working to bring about positive change. Spanning many categories and addressing some of the world’s most complex issues, each venture combines insights, innovation, talent, and timing to challenge the status quo.

At Flourish, our strategic priorities and operations are overseen by a fiduciary board:

Pat Christen

Chair, Managing Director of The Omidyar Group

Jeff Alvord

Managing Director of The Omidyar Group

Tilman Ehrbeck

Managing Partner at Flourish