Embedded Finance allows non-bank businesses—such as consumer tech companies, retailers, small businesses, and manufacturers—to incorporate financial offerings like payment options into their products. Users can conduct their business and personal lives through the platforms they already use. Importantly, embedded finance also provides financial services to individuals previously unbanked or underbanked.

At Flourish, we think about embedded finance in three components:

  • Platforms that are relevant and immediately helpful to people in their daily lives: gig worker platforms create earnings opportunities; logistics platforms deliver goods to neighborhood stores; supply chain networks can link farmers to tables; social media platforms connect people. These platforms have rapidly growing users, increased trust and high engagement, and generate proprietary data and insights into user behaviors.
  • Plumbing that connects these new financial customer interfaces and product providers with regulated balance sheets or capital markets that finance and manage the risks.
  • Plug-in products that leverage high engagement and data insights for more adequate, tailored, and often cheaper services than available from traditional providers.

Learn more about each of these components in our three-part event series featuring global fintech founders at the forefront of the rise of embedded finance.

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