We take founder well-being seriously and build lasting partnerships based on mutual trust.

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Kim Nguyen (Alloy), Will Sealy (Summer), Jen Tescher (Financial Health Network), Jim McGinley (Seedfi) and Jay Parekh (Chime)

We prepare founders to run marathons, not sprints

With our patient-capital approach, we help founders solve challenges across their business models, teams and partnerships. Our responsive, talented team of professionals offer guidance, expertise, and a breadth of services to empower our fintech partners.

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To keep current on how technology can positively influence the financial lives of today’s consumers and small businesses, we regularly fund and conduct proprietary research across the US and emerging markets. We use this research to inform our decisions and guide our founders.
Human Capital
Our dedicated team helps founders to grow as leaders, build world-class teams, and foster inspiring workplace cultures. We take founder well-being seriously and provide individualized coaching, global peer-to-peer support groups, founder retreats and ongoing access to counsel and resources.
Our first-rate finance and operations team provides ongoing strategic counsel, support, resources and references. We offer access to a distinguished network of seasoned professionals around the globe who can help meet the ever-changing financial and legal needs of founders as they grow their businesses.
Policy & Regulatory
Flourish’s investment themes cover highly regulated areas that are complex and ever evolving. Our team has years of combined experience in the fintech sector and we share our deep understanding of the changing policy and regulatory landscape to inform go-to-market strategy and accelerated growth.
To generate brand awareness and build customer loyalty, we work side-by-side with founders and their teams on bespoke programs that support their startup journeys – from strategic media outreach and speaker coaching, to content development, event support, and digital marketing campaigns.

"Flourish acts on their commitment to support our journey. We actively seek their opinions because we know they will come with a perspective not offered by many other investors."

Founder & CEO, Swap

"The fact that Flourish cares about me as a person, in addition to the company, means a lot. You don’t get that a lot. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever had it."

Co-Founder & CEO, SeedFi


"Flourish has a unique approach to nurturing founders. Through development workshops and 1:1 interactions with the investment team, they help me cultivate self awareness and mental resilience.”

CEO, Mapan


We recognize the pressures facing founders and prioritize their wellbeing


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