[Fast Company] I'm an advocate for inclusive capitalism. Here's why I'm intrigued by Web3

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From Crypto, NFTs and Web3, the tech world is brimming with enthusiasm for new technologies that will take center stage in the “metaverse.” Banks are starting to get into the digital currency game while policymakers contemplate new regulations. Enthusiasts envision a utopian future while skeptics claim a metaverse is neither feasible nor beneficial….so what are we to believe?

Tilman Ehrbeck, global managing partner at Flourish Ventures (and chair of the Advisory Council to the U.N. Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance) contends that the future will not be “either/or” – not analog vs. digital, not centralized vs. decentralized finance, not central-bank issued vs. private currency. Rather, he predicts that our future work and financial lives will unfold in a brave new hybrid world that will establish itself over the next decade.

In an original OpEd, Tilman describes how this multiverse will bring new opportunities for economic participation and ownership, as well as new challenges of exclusion and to privacy.

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