Celebrating Female Fintech Mavericks

Celebrating Female Fintech Mavericks

We’re halfway through March Women’s History Month and in the spirit of this year’s theme #breakthebias we reached out to Female Fintech Mavericks and asked them two questions: 1) How do you encourage other women to pursue careers in fintech and 2) Who are fellow female mavericks you admire and who are living proof of the bias being broken. Here are three themes we picked up on.

  1. Be your most authentic self.

Many women sent messages of confidence and strength. Our head of human capital Lisa Mikkelsen even went as far as saying, “Authenticity always wins.”

  1. Diversity is value

There was a resounding sentiment that women should have confidence in their value. Shruti from Apnaklub said encouragingly, “Adding a diverse range of voices to the table has always added great value to industries and fintech is no different.”

  1. Women are powerhouse leaders

We know this and Jennifer Tescher of the Financial Health Network really hit it home when she said, “I’m tired of being pigeonholed as a ‘woman in fintech’. We are not fragile flowers in a greenhouse. We are powerhouse leaders.”

Watch our Twitter and LinkedIn for more inspirational answers from such powerhouses as Laura Spiekerman of Alloy, Jo Ann Barefoot of AIR (Alliance Innovation Regulation) and our own Smita Aggarwal.  To all Female Fintech Mavericks, you are making our world a better place and we are grateful for you!

To date, approx. 15% of women contribute to the success of the #mining workforce. We still have a long ways to go, but leaders like Dana Muma will help #breakthebias for future #womeninstem #womenshistorymonth https://lnkd.in/e6Em_p2J

In almost every aspect of development, #RuralWomen fare worse than rural men. We can all take action to empower them. Here’s how: http://unwo.men/LFwf30iDavS #breakthebias #equality https://lnkd.in/ehgRTJ5B

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