Making Founder Mental Health & Well-Being a Priority & Why It is Important

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Startup founders are some of the most committed, hardworking, innovative people in the world. But even in the best of times, they exist in a pressure cooker. And the relentless stress can sometimes lead to burnout.

Nevertheless, mental health has historically been a taboo topic in the venture capital and startup community. So when we heard about the work Flourish Ventures is doing to support startup founders, we were intrigued and wanted to dedicate an episode to their work.

Today, we are thrilled to sit down with Lisa Mikkelsen, Head of Global Human Capital at Flourish Ventures, who shares her firm’s mission to create a systemic change in the global fintech sector and their unique holistic approach to working with startups. Lisa details the work Flourish is doing to redefine the culture of venture capital to focus more on empowering founders and prioritizing their well-being and mental health.

Our far-reaching discussion covers:

  • Why it’s important for VCs to offer more than just financial support to founders
  • How to get past the perceived power imbalance between founder and investor
  • Why the skill of empathy is key to startup success
  • The warning signs of founder burnout (from a VC's perspective)
  • The benefits of cultivating a strong founder/VC relationship
  • What founders should look out for when vetting investors

Don't miss this frank conversation about the complexities of founder mental health and the role venture capital firms can play in supporting them.

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