Fatin Tariq On Managing Anxiety as a Founder in an Emerging Market

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About the Episode

In this episode of the NAKED podcast, our hosts Nektarios, Vladimira, and our guest, Fatin, explore the anxiety Fatin faced whilst she was building her first business.

The discussion centres on the experience of being a female entrepreneur in an emerging market, the journey towards self-awareness regarding one’s mental health, and the tools necessary for navigating life after facing such unexpected obstacles.

Specific topics covered in the episode include:

  • Fatin's personal account of dealing with anxiety and its impact on her ability to function in daily work life.
  • Her exploration of multiple paths to recovery, including individual therapy, group therapy and building a support system.
  • The episode also touches on how she navigated her co-founder relationships at this time, highlighting the need for empathy and uncomfortable conversations to maintain a healthy business environment.
  • Strategies for distinguishing one’s self-worth from one’s business achievements.
  • Reflections on the entrepreneurial experience in Pakistan as a woman, offering a perspective on the challenges and rewards of building a business in an emerging market.

Join Nektarios, Vladimira, and Fatin as they discuss the intersections of entrepreneurship, mental health, and personal growth, offering valuable lessons and strategies for navigating the complexities of startup life in an emerging market.

Originally posted on The Future Farm

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