[The Future Farm] Emma Obanye On The Ugly Reality of Exiting a Startup

NAKED Episode 80

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About the Episode

In this NAKED podcast episode, our hosts Nektarios, Vladimira, and our guest, Emma, explore the complex emotions and challenges that came up for her after exiting a startup.

They discuss the importance of addressing unresolved issues from the past, understanding one’s motivations for success, and the role of mental health and self-awareness in navigating post-exit life.

Specific topics covered in the episode include:

  • The unexpected emotional impact and identity crisis following a startup exit.

  • The journey of self-discovery and the importance of reconnecting with personal values, friends, and interests.

  • Strategies and toolkits for rebuilding oneself and integrating self-care and wellness practices into daily life.

  • The significance of acknowledging and addressing mental health struggles that may arise after significant life changes.

  • Reflecting on the entrepreneurial experience and its lessons for personal growth and future endeavors.

Join Nektarios, Vladimira, and Emma as they discuss navigating the aftermath of a startup exit, the path to personal recovery, and the strategies for building a fulfilling life beyond entrepreneurship.

Originally posted on The Future Farm

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