[The Future Farm] Lottie Unwin On Breaking Down and Integrating Wellbeing into The Founder Life

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About the Episode

In this NAKED podcast episode, our hosts Nektarios, Vladimira, and our guest, Lottie, discuss her breakdown and how it took her by surprise. They discuss learning to look out for signals, the importance of introspection and self-awareness and how to get better by integrating wellbeing into one’s life.

Specific topics covered in the episode include:

  • What does the experience of a breakdown look like?
  • Understanding one’s own needs and starting with small steps to meet those needs.
  • Integrating routines into a busy life and making them non-negotiable.
  • The importance of sleep and exercise
  • Planning for when you sense it might be happening again
  • The role of a sharing with people for support and accountability

Join Vladimira, Nektarios, and Lottie as they discuss breakdowns, strategies for getting better and integrating wellbeing into the demands of a founder’s life.

Originally posted on The Future Farm

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