Ken Miller

Global Investments Advisor

I grew up with a single mother and experienced the daily struggle and exhaustion that comes from living paycheck to paycheck, juggling bills, and weathering the domino effect of an unexpected $300 auto repair bill. It matters to me to do what I can to reduce the number of these experiences for others.

Ken is a serial entrepreneur and executive, having previously launched or scaled many startup and mature businesses. At Flourish, he works with entrepreneurs to solve deep operational and technology challenges, with a particular focus around data science and risk issues.

Prior to Flourish, Ken was a technology partner at Omidyar Network. Before that, he served as COO at Gem, a blockchain infrastructure company based in the US. Earlier, he was vice president of product and pricing for Intuit. In that role, he helped build and grow all of the company’s payment products.

Before Intuit, Ken was CEO and cofounder of Anchor Intelligence, an ad optimization software company, and also served as an early advisor to Square, helping them navigate fraud and operational challenges. Early in his career, Ken was vice president of risk management at PayPal, a function that he started and built.

Ken is a recurring contributor to TechCrunch and the National Review, where he focuses on the intersection of data analysis and political trends.